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  1. mas pravdu mnohi nasi ludia su pmleoyni a pomiesani a nerozumeju problematike Ukrajinci, Rusini ale neviem ci prave DNA je tym spravnym argumentom i ked samozrejme moze byt odlisne tie oficialne organizacie co siria nepravdy mozu byt napr . Zdruzenie Rusinov-Ukrajincov a tam je uz z nazvu jasne, ze az tak o RUsinov neide, pretoze uz samotny nazov je zavadzajuci, koho vlastne tato organziacia zastupuje

  2. Hey hey Tanya my luv, mine is worst, I’ve never been studied this lnaguage at all but I knew some of them cuz of my friends here put them into me, hahahahahaha

  3. what a concert that all aucenides wore white top..! I’ve just noticed.Beautiful with yr story really ka,luv..magnificent singers..TRES BIEN..encore..bravo ~~~~~~~ love u, P’ xxx )

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  6. 由于我完全不同观测,一些专业词汇就看的似懂非懂的。所以想请教一下下面这句话的正确的翻译:”Mass loss from cool giants and spngreiauts is evidenced by P Cygni profiles in optical spectra, by the 10 μm silicate feature in IR spectra, and by maser line emission from OH and other molecules in radio-frequency spectra.“

  7. 请教一个文献中一句话的理解问题。有这么几句话“the mass outflow increased by a foactr of 6 between two observations separated by 18 months”和“Other stars showed changes in MLR by a foactr of 1.5 or less.”请问这其中的“a foactr of X”该怎么理解?是不是表示新结果是在原有结果前面乘以x而得到?

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